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sriram-life-insuranceShriram Life Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture of the Shriram Group and Sanlam with South African firm holding 26 per cent strake, maximum permissible ceiling for a foreign partner in a private insurance company. (As of June 2009).
The Shriram Group is one of the largest and well-respected financial services conglomerates in India. The Group’s main line of activities in financial services include chit fund, truck financing, consumer durable financing, stock broking, insurance broking and life insurance.
The Group has a customer base of 30 lacs chit subscribers and investors and operates through a network of 630 offices all over the country. The Group has the largest agency force in the private sector consisting of more than 75,000 loyal and dedicated agents.

Various Products offered by Shriram Life Insurance Co. Ltd :

New ULIP Plans - Currently available products to purchase

  • Shriram Ujjwal Life – Shriram Ujjwal Life is a regular premium unit linked insurance plan designed to make you reach your financial target. Be it your Child’s Education, Daughter’s Marriage or just a Peaceful Retired Life. Beyond that the plan also protects your family against uncertain events in future. :)
  • Shriram Ujjwal Life SP – This is a single premium unit linked insurance plan to accomplish all your financial goals.

Traditional Plans - Currently available products to purchase

  • Shri Life - Is a plan which gives you security and savings with a life cover throughout the policy term.
  • Shri Raksha – This product offers security and savings. Twice the sum assured is payable to the policyholder during the term of the policy.
  • Shri Vidya – Is a Child Plan which offers life insurance and a savings for his future education.
  • Shri Laabh – A plan where you can make one time payment for the premium and life cover will be available during the whole term of the policy.
  • Shri Vivah – Is a child plan where your funds are accumulated for your child’s marriage.
  • Shri Suraksha – Is a life cover plan with an increasing term assurance.
  • Shriram Immediate Annuity Plan – Is a plan that offers annuity as well as protection.
  • Shriram Akshay Nidhi – It is a regular premium money back policy with participation in profits. Premiums are payable at regular intervals during the term of the policy. This plan comes with full insurance protection throughout the term of the policy, irrespective of survival benefits paid.

Group Plans - Currently available products to purchase

  • Shriram Janasuraksha – It is a One year Renewable Group Term Assurance plan that assures payment of sum assured upon death.
  • Shriram Credit Shield – Shriram credit shield group insurance product is basically for loan providers who will be the master policyholder, to protect against default of payment of loan by their customers in case of their untimely death.
  • Shri Sahay (AP) – This is an Annual Premium Group Insurance plan that will give life cover for socially weaker sections of population.
    "Socially Weaker Section" includes self employed workers such as agricultural laborers, bidi workers, carpenters etc. and persons who live below the poverty line. The premium is payable annually and life cover will be available throughout the policy term.
  • Shri Sahay (SP) – This plan is similar to the above, the only difference is this is a Single Premium Plan, the premium is payable only once.

Shriram Life Insurance - Old products not available for fresh purchase

  • Shrilife Plus: Is a unit linked plan which helps increasing your funds to help you with future requirements. This plan offers an insurance cover as well as an investment plan.
  • Shri Nidhi: Is a profit saving plan with Life Insurance cover. You have to pay the premiums at specified period during the duration of the policy.
  • Shri Vidya Plus: Is a unit linked plan designed for your child to secure his/her career. It provides for your child future education.
  • Shri Plus SP: Is a regular unit linked plan where your funds are invested in three different kinds of fund options.
  • ShriPlus: Is a plan which offers investment and insurance, where your money is invested in various fund options.
  • Shri Laabh Plus: Is a single premium unit linked plan.
  • ShriVishram : Is a unit linked Retirement Plan. Your funds are invested in the market to yield better returns to help you with your post retirement needs.
  • ShriVikash: Is a limited paying unit linked plan.

Registered Office:
3-6-478, 3rd Floor, Anand Estates,
Liberty Road, Himayat Nagar,
Hyderabad - 500 029
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Toll Free Number: 1800 425 6116
Tel: 040-23434466 to 72

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