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aviva-insurance-indiaAviva Life Insurance from Aviva India is a joint venture between one of the country’s oldest and largest groups, Dabur, and Aviva PLC, the UK's largest insurance group, whose association with India dates back to 1834. :)
Their vision is to be amongst India’s leading life insurers with a quality business model, focused on sustainable growth. They seek to build a robust product portfolio meeting all customer lifecycle needs related to – Savings, Retirement, Investments and Protection.
With a strong sales force of over 30,000 Financial Planning Advisers (FPAs), they have initiated and pioneered many innovative sales approaches, including the concept of Bancassurance and Financial Health Check services. They are among the first companies to introduce the contemporary unit-linked products. [Source: AvivaIndia About us: http://www.avivaindia.com/en/AboutUs/Overview.aspx]

Saving Products - Currently available products to purchase.

  • Aviva DhanVriddhi : Is a plan where you will get periodic returns on your money invested as well as a Life Insurance cover.
  • Aviva Money Back : A money back endowment policy, which has with profits and guaranteed benefits.
  • AVIVA Freedom Life Advantge : It allows you to choose the proportion of savings and protection and change it subsequently, in line with your changing needs, with the option to pay premiums for as few as 5 years.
  • AVIVA Life Saver Advantage – It isa savings plan that offers disciplined saving with high level of financial security for the family, in case something untoward happens.
  • AVIVA Life Bond Advantage – Itis a Single Premium unit linked insurance plan that offers you an opportunity to invest a lump sum for medium to long term together with Life Cover and flexibility to access your money after 5 years.
  • Aviva Dhan Varsha – It is a traditional investment cum protection plan that provides you Guaranteed Addition of 6% to 9% of the sum assured along with life protection.
  • Aviva Sachin Extra Cover – It is a hassle-free savings plan that gives you a high life cover without undergoing any medical examination by signing a self-declaration of good health.

Saving Products - Old products not available for fresh purchase

  • Aviva Sachin Century : Is a unit linked where you get 100% allocation of premiums, hence you get 100% returns on your money invested.
  • Aviva Easy Life Plus : Is a unit linked endowment plan. Which will also offer you a life protection policy. You can choose between any 3 investment fund option.
  • Aviva Wealth Plus : Is an investment plus insurance unit linked plan. You get to choose among 4 investment fund options to invest your money.
  • Freedom Life Plan : Is a unit linked limited premium paying endowment plan. In this plan you get an option of choosing from 5 different investment funds.
  • LifeBond 5 : Is a fixed term investment plus insurance plan. In this plan you have to make payments for premium only for 3 or 5years.
  • LifeSaver : Is a unit linked endowment plan. This plan offers 3 different investment fund options to choose from.
  • LifeSaver Plus : Is a unit linked endowment plan. This plan offers sum assured and death benefits.
  • LifeSaver Super : A unit linked endowment plan which has flexibility and also offers a high life insurance cover.
  • SaveGuard : Is a unit linked endowment plan which helps to save for your future needs. It has 5 investment fund options to choose from.
  • Anmol Suraksha : Is a fixed Term Plan with a protection cover and savings benefits.

Protection Products - Currently available products to purchase

  • Life Shield : Is a pure term plan where your family is protected in an unforeseen event of the policyholder.
  • Aviva Life Shield Plus : Is a term policy where the family gets a comprehensive protection in an unfortunate situation of the policy holder.
  • AVIVA Life Shield Advantage: It is comprehensive protection for your family incase you are not around. Additionally, all the money paid as premium will be returned to you on survival at the end of the Policy Term through.

Single Premium - Old products not available for fresh purchase

  • LifeBond Plus : A unit linked , non participating , single premium endowment plan. This plan gives you investment and tax benefits.

Child Products - Currently available products to purchase

  • AVIVA Young Scholar Advantage : It is a comprehensive plan that enables you to secure your child’s future in any eventuality.

Child Products - Old products not available for fresh purchase

  • Aviva Young Scholar : Is a unit linked endowment plan which caters to the future needs of your child. This plan helps you save for their further educational requirements.
  • Aviva Little Master : Is a comprehensive unit linked endowment plan which offers a life insurance cover for the child as well as the parent.

Pension Products - Currently available products to purchase.

  • Secure Pension : Is an endowment type traditional plan. In this plan you save now and post retirement it provides you with pension.

Pension Products - Old products not available for fresh purchase.

  • Pension Plus : Is a unit linked Pension Plan which has 4 different investment funds to opt from. It provides you with income at the time when your regular income stops.
  • Aviva Pension Elite : Is a flexible investment unit linked pension plan.

Health Products - Currently available products to purchase.

  • Aviva Health Plus : It is a savings plan that provides a cover on life, accidents, critical illnesses, disabilities, surgery and hospitalization

Whole Life Products - Old products not available for fresh purchase.

  • Life Long : Is a unit linked plan which gives you a choice of investing in any 6 different investment fund options.
  • Life Line : Is a whole life unit linked plan, with investment and Insurance Benefits . As the name suggest it’s a plan which covers you for your entire life.

Group Products - Currently available products to purchase.

  • Group Gratuity
  • AVIVA Corporate Life Plus
  • AVIVA Corporate Shield Plus
  • AVIVA Credit Suraksha

Group Plans -Old products not available for fresh purchase

  • Credit Plus
  • Loan Suraksha
  • Corporate Life
  • Credit Net
  • Superannuation

Group Shield Rural Products - Currently available products to purchase

  • Amar Suraksha
  • Jana Suraksha
  • AVIVA Grameen Suraksha
  • AVIVA Anmol Suraksha

Contact Information:
Corporate HQ
Aviva Life Insurance Company India Ltd.
Aviva Tower, Sector Road, Opp Golf Course, DLF Phase V
Sector 43, Gurgaon 122 003, Haryana
Website: http://www.avivaindia.com
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Toll-free number: 1800-180-22-66

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