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LIC - Life Insurance Corporation IndiaThe Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) (Hindi: भारतीय जीवन बीमा निगम) is the largest state-owned life insurance company in India, and also the country's largest investor. It is fully owned by the Government of India. It also funds close to 24.6% of the Indian Government's expenses. It has assets estimated of Indian Rupee ₹9.31 trillion (US$202.03 billion). It was founded in 1956 with the merger of more than 200 insurance companies and provident societies.

Headquartered in Mumbai, financial and commercial capital of India, the Life Insurance Corporation of India currently has 8 zonal Offices and 101 divisional offices located in different parts of India, at least 2048 branches located in different cities and towns of India along with satellite Offices attached to about some 50 Branches, and has a network of around 1.2 million agents for soliciting life insurance business from the public.

Various Plans offered by LIC are as follows :

Endowment Assurance Plans

  1. Jeevan Amrit : This plan is designed for a higher cover at a lower cost. In this plan premium payment is limited to 3 or 4 or 5 years and the premium payable during the first year is higher than the premiums payable in subsequent years.
  2. New Janaraksha Plan : Is an Endowment Assurance plan that provides financial protection against death throughout the term of plan. It pays the maturity amount on survival to the end of the term.
  3. Jeevan Mitra (Double Cover Endowment Plan) : Is an endowment plan which takes care of the financial needs even if death of the policyholder for the whole term of the plan.
  4. Jeevan Mitra (Triple Cover Endowment Plan) : Is an endowment plan where thrice the Sum Assured plus all bonuses on the basic sum assured to date is payable in a lump sum upon the death of the life assured.
  5. The Endowment Assurance Policy : This policy has a provisions for the family of the Life Assured in event of his early death and also assures a lump sum at a desired age.
  6. The Endowment Assurance Policy-Limited Payment : In this policy the payment of premium can be limited either to a single payment or to a term shorter than the policy.

Children Plans

  1. Jeevan Anurag : Is plan designed for the children educational requirements . This plan can be taken on the parent’s life. The basic sum assured is given immediately on the death of the life assured during the term of the policy.
  2. Jeevan Kishore : Is a plan which can be availed by the parent or grand parents of the children. It is an endowment assurance plan for children of less than 12 years of age.
  3. Jeevan Chhaya : It is a plan where financial protection is given against death during the term of the plan. It is an Endowment Assurance plan. Besides this benefit one-fourth of Sum Assured is payable at the end of each of last four years of policy term irrespective if the life assured dies or survives the duration of the policy.
  4. Komal Jeevan : Is a Money Back Plan which can be bought by the parent or grand parent for their child from the age of 0-10years. This plan gives financial protection against death during the duration of the plan with periodic payments on survival at specified durations.
  5. Child Future Plan : A policy where the future needs like education, marriage and other requirements are taken care of. This plan provides a benefit which not only takes care of the risk cover of the child during the policy but also after 7 years of the policy being expired.
  6. Child Career Plan : A plan to meet the educational and other needs of the child. It provides the risk cover on the life of child during the policy term as well as 7 years after the policy has expired. There are also Survival benefits given to the life assured at the end of a specific duration.
  7. Child Fortune Plan : Is a unit linked plan which offers long term capital appreciation.
  8. Children's Deferred Endowment (CDA) vesting at 21 : This is an Endowment Assurance plan designed to enable a parent , legal guardian or any near relative of the child to provide insurance cover on the life of the child (called life assured).
  9. CDA Endowment vesting at 18 : This is an Endowment Assurance plan designed to enable a parent , legal guardian or any near relative of the child to provide insurance cover on the life of the child (called life assured).
  10. Marriage Endowment Or Educational Annuity Plan : This is an Endowment Assurance plan that provides for benefits on or from the selected maturity date to meet the Marriage/Educational expenses of the named child.

Money Back Plan

  1. Bima Bachat : Is a money-back policy which offers financial security and assurance to the policy holder and his family. The policy holder has to pay only one premium.
  2. Money Back-20 years : Is an endowment plan where periodic payments of partial survival benefits are paid during the term of the policy till the policy holder is alive.As the policy name goes this plan 20% of the sum assured is payable after 5,10,15 years and the balance 40% accrued bonus is payable at the 20th year.
  3. Money Back 25 years : Is the same as the above plan only in this plan the 40% accrued bonus is payable at the 25th year
  4. Jeevan Surabhi 15 / 20 / 25 : Is a money back plan with a difference. The maturity term is more than premium paying term and the plan also offers early and high rate of survival benefits. The following are the actual term and premium paying term for the plans:-
    • 15 years policy term – premium paying is 12 years
    • 20 years policy term – premium paying is 15 years
    • 25years policy term - premium paying is 18years
  5. Early and higher rate of survival benefit payment.
    Risk cover increases every five years.

The actual term and the premium paying term for these plans are as under.

Special Money Back Plan for Women

Jeevan Bharathi - I : Is a plan designed only for women.Its a plan taking into the needs of a women and also has profit benefits.It also has benefits like Accident Benefit, Critical Illness Benefit and Congenital Disability Benefit as optional Riders

Term Assurance Plans

  1. Anmol Jeevan - I : Is a term plan where on death of the policy holder sum assured is given to family or nominated person.
  2. Amulya Jeevan - I : In case of unfortunate death of the policy holder during the term of the policy, sum assured is payable, provided the policy is kept in force.
  3. Two Year Temporary Assurance Policy : In this policy the individual is covered for a tenure of maxium 2 years.
  4. The Convertible Term Assurance Policy : In this plan helps the policyholder to get a cover of a whole life or endowment policy till he is unable to make a higher premium amount initially but will pay later.

Whole Life Plans

  1. Jeevan Anand : Is a combination of two plans- Endowment Assurance and Whole Life plan.
  2. Jeevan Tarang : This is a with-profits whole of life plan which provides for annual survival benefit at a rate of 5½ % of the Sum Assured after the chosen Accumulation Period.
  3. The Whole Life Policy : Is a plan mainly to provide for payment of sum assured plus bonuses on the death of the policyholder.
  4. The Whole Life Policy-Limited Payment : In this plan the life assured has to pay all the premiums during the productive years of life. He need not pay any premium in the later stages of life if and when his conditions might become difficult.
  5. The Whole Life Policy- Single Premium : Is the same as the above policy besides that the policy does not cease to participate in profits after completion of the period for which premium has been paid ,but continue to share in the periodical Bonus Distribution until the death of the Life Assured.

Plans for high worth individuals

  1. Jeevan Shree - I : This plan gives you a choice of premium paying terms.
  2. Jeevan Pramukh : Is an Endowment Assurance plan offering the choice of three premium paying terms.

Plans for handicapped Dependents

  1. Jeevan Adhar : The benefits under the plan are for the handicapped dependant which are partly in lump sum and partly in the form of an annuity.
  2. Jeevan Vishwas : Is an Endowment Assurance plan designed for the benefit of handicapped dependents.

Joint life plan

  1. Jeevan Saathi : Is an endowment assurance plan fro husband and wife jointly.

Pension plans

  1. New Jeevan Dhara - I : is a Deferred Annuity plans that allows the policyholder to make provision for regular income after the selected term.
  2. New Jeevan Suraksha - I : Is a deferred annuity plan.
  3. Jeevan Nidhi : Is a deferred annuity plan with profits.
  4. Jeevan Akshay - VI : By paying a lump sum amount this immediate annuity plan can be bought.

Unit Plans

  1. Child Fortune Plus : Is a plan for children and to meet their educational needs. Its a unit linked plan with long term capital appreciation.
  2. Fortune Plus : It is a unit linked assurance plan where premium payment term (PPT) is 5 years and the premium payable in the first year will be 50% of total premium payable under the policy.
  3. Market Plus : Is a unit linked pension plan where after a specific period the pension is paid.
  4. Money Plus - I : Is a unit linked Endowment plan which has investment plus insurance during the term and you can pay regular premiums.
  5. Profit Plus : It is a unit linked Endowment plan where the premium payment term (PPT) is limited to single lump sum, or uniformly over 3, 4 or 5 years.

Golden Jubliee Plan

  1. New Bima Gold : Where the premiums are paid back during the policy term in installments , besides that life insurance cover is given during the also at the extended term of the plan.

Special Plans

  1. Bima Nivesh 2005
  2. Jeevan Sara
  3. Jeevan madhur
  4. Health Plus

Group Plans

  1. Group Term Insurance Scheme
  2. Group insurance scheme in lieu of EDLI
  3. Group Gratuity Scheme
  4. Group Super Annuation
  5. Group Critical Rider
  6. Gratuity plus
  7. Group leave encashment scheme
  8. Group savings linked insurance scheme
  9. Group mortgage redemption assurance scheme

Social Security Scheme

  1. Aam admi bima yojana
  2. Janashree Bima yojana
  3. Shiksha sahayog yojana

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