Max New York Life Smart Bond


Max New York Life Smart Bond

Max New York Smart BondMax New York Life Smart Bond, is the latest traditional non participating plan which assures you of *169% guaranteed returns on your total investment.  This Smart Bond comes with the life insurance coverage.  This has come as an ideal plan for securing your child’s future with just single premium with maximum protection for your kid/kids with 169% assured returns on maturity.  This is one of the few child plans available with Max New York Life Insurance:)

Max New York Life Smart Bond comes with the benefits of ensuring maximum protection for your entire family with the least possible investment.


  • Policy term – 10 years fixed
  • Minimum or maximum entry age – 91 days to 55 years
  • Maximum age on maturity – 65
  • Single premium payment term
  • Two times single premium as sum assured after two years
  • Minimum Rs. 50,000 and max Rs. 10,00,000 premium


  • Tax benefits on premium
  • 169% guaranteed returns
  • 10 Years policy term
  • Single Premium
  • Maturity benefit and/or Death benefit

This plan closed on December 20, 2010.

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